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Italy (Italian Republic) is located in Europe. It borders France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland. Also, Italy enclaves Vatican City and San Marino. Italy also borders few seas: Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. There are 60 million inhabitants in Italy and it covers 301 340 km2 (166 350 sq. mi) of land. Biggest cities in Italy are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Venice. Rome is the capital of Italy. 

If we talk about the economy of Italy than it is quite average. GDP in 2018 was $2.072 trillion (nominal), but GDP PPP was $2.397 trillion and it is in 8th place in the world. But if we look at GDP per capita it looks worse, because it is $34,260 and it is only 25th place. Most of the GDP comes from services (tourism, restaurants, etc.). Only 2.1% is from agriculture and 23.9% comes from industry (like wineries, machinery, iron, and steel, chemical, motor vehicles, etc.). Did you know that Italy is the second biggest manufacturer in Europe (only Germans produce more)? In spite Italy’s economy is quite strong there are huge problems with poverty. 5.7% of inhabitants are poor and need serious help of social institutions and 28.9% of inhabitants are at huge risk of poverty or social exclusion, this is quite serious. Have you heard that in Italy there are some parts where even police don’t want to react? This is a small preview of what’s really going there. Maybe unemployment has something to do with it? Because it is high in Italy – 10.2%, it is a bit less than it was a few years ago, but still, that is not good.

Average gross salary in Italy is 2916 EUR (month), which is 2110 EUR net. In spite that it might seem a good salary there are people who earn much less. Low education, laziness, and many other factors. If we look at the human development index then we can see that Italy takes 28th place, which is a very good result. Index of Italy is 0.880. All of this is good, but like all other countries’ pensions could be bigger. This, of course, is only a government pension, but the average pension in Italy is only 1050 EUR per month. If you have a private pension fund or savings then, of course, you can live quite good, but If this the only income, then it is definitely not good enough to live in Italy.

Most of the people that live in Italy are native Italians (91.5%) and only 8.5% are other nationalities. Most of the people are Catholic (74.4%) and a lot are irreligious (22.6%). Italy as a county is known since June 18, 1946. Italy is a parliamentary republic.

If we talk about the climate in Italy it can be quite different. It can be -4 °C (26 °F) and snowing in Milan, but in Rome, it is +22 °C (70 °F). In the summer there is pleasant weather all the time. 

There a lot of great cities worth visiting in Italy, such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, Capri, Sicily.

Rome is the capital of Italy. It has a huge number of historical buildings, like, Colosseum, the Forum, Appian Way and the Palatine Hill which provides a great look of the Vatican. Colosseum is 186 meters long and 156 meters wide. It was started by Vespasian in AD 72. In 1349 it collapsed in the major earthquake. The arena floor was 83 by 48 meters. The Forum (Foro Romano) seems very impressive even in the 21st century. To hold it steady it is supported by a layer of dirt and rubble as deep as 15 meters. When culture is enough you can have a decent meal in restaurants in Rome, there are a lot of premium class restaurants. After what you can continue a great nightlife in one of many clubs in the city.

Florence is the capital of the Renaissance. Some people say that the whole city is one huge art museum. There are historical buildings on each corner of the city and most of them are renovated and in good shape. A most important landmark is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which is world class architecture inspiration. It is the third largest church in the world and the largest church in Europe. It is 153 meters long, 90 meters wide. The first stone was laid on September 8, 1296. When you are done with churches you should visit some gardens and parks. For example, Boboli Gardens. These gardens are amazing and creating on these gardens took more than 100 years. Building started in 1418 and finished in 1549.

Venice is so unique that it is known all over the world. Its beauty is that you will not find there a lot of usual roads, you can’t drive with a car in Venice because it is covered with a lot of canals. The main transportation in Venice is on the water. You will not find any busses, because public transport is based on small ships. You can go thru Venice enjoying breathtaking views thru the Grand Canal. If you like some romantic singing you should probably try out gondolas in Venice, it will provide the best experience in its canals. History of Venice goes as far as AD 400. Most popular tourist attractions in Venice are Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square. Doge’s Palace and Basilica of St. Mark. The building of Piazza San Marco started in AD 800. Full might and glory it obtained from 1100 – 1490 and it still stands today. You should visit Venice quite soon because there are major flood problems and Venice is sinking. 

Milan is one of the biggest cities in Italy. A lot of tourists come to Milan because of its big airport which is located very close to the city. Milan is also popular as the main base of designers, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Verdi, Enrico Caruso, Toscanini, and designer Giorgio Armani. It is considered as the capital of modern designer boutiques (most of them are located in the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). The biggest architectural beauty of Milan is its massive cathedral which is considered as one of the finest examples of Flamboyant Gothic style buildings. Next, to the Castello Sforzesco, you will be able to find one of the biggest fountains in Milan.

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy and it is located quite close to Milan. There are many beautiful cities next to this lake, Como, Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Lecco, Colico. It borders two countries – Italy and Switzerland. It is quite a big lake, it’s surface area is 146 km2, the maximum length is 46 km and maximum width is 4.5 km. Total shore length is 160 km. If you take a ride on the lake with many of boats that locals offer you will see its beauty. Lake is located just next to the mountains which provide breathtaking views. There are plenty of villas next to the lake, starting from new ones and quite simple up to historical villas which cost to rent a few tens of thousands of euros per month. Most beautiful villas are Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi d’Eril, Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como from the lakeside villa. You can pick the location which fits your wishes. You can find a calm place where to spend your summer.

Capri is a beautiful island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just next to the Gulf of Naples. There are only 12 000 native inhabitants. Island is 10.4 km2 big. Most of the tourists are inspired by Botanical Garden. It is one of the biggest gardens in Italy. There are flowers and trees from all over the world. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. There is one very important piece of the past located on this island – The remains of Villa Jovis, built by emperor Tiberius and completed in AD 27. Also, there are interesting caves, which you can visit if you go with the boat. You can sail right into the cliff. 

The Island of Sicily is very special. It is one of the seven places on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Most important attraction are Selinunte is one of the largest Greek temples, Valley of Temples (Agrigento), is one of the most perfect Greek temples anywhere left, the 3,500 square meters of mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale in Enna decorate one of the best-preserved villas in the entire Roman Empire. Sicily is 25711 km2 big and it is one of the autonomous regions of Italy. One of the biggest volcanos in Europe is Etna and it is located in the Sicily – Catania. Etna last erupted in 1831. If you go up the mountain which takes around 2 hours you can experience the walk on the real lava remains. If you are extreme enough to go right to the top – you can do it. There are very limited places (daily visitors) and if you book it in advance you can try it. If we talk about climate Sicily has a very typical Mediterranean climate.

So… we have traveled and seen most of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Italy, what’s left? Yeah, right! Girls… Can you imagine any trip without some decent girl or girls at your side? Before we begin, you should know that prostitution in Italy is legal, but brothels are prohibited. First regulations of prostitution go as far as 1859. At that time brothels were legal, but then in 1973 legislation changed and brothels were closed because of the big crime and human trafficking risk. 

Most of the independent escort girls in Italy are from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania. Their asking price per hour in Italy is much bigger than in their home countries. They can easily earn from 150 EUR per hour up to 500 EUR for a night. It can definitely cover most of their expenses during the month and they can have a quite decent life. Most of the escort girls are Russian teens from 18 – 24 years old. Most of them are students in Italy who wants some extra money for their “candies”. 

Depending on the city where you are you can find some porno stars as well. The bigger choice is in Milan. Porno stars in Italy start from 500 EUR for an hour. It is quite a reasonable price and it is almost the same in all countries. Only five-star girls ask for more. 

In spite that brothels are illegal in Italy, they have operated anyway. Most of the brothels are masked as strip clubs where you can take a girl home or to the hotel after a lap dance on a mutually beneficial agreement, of course, she will pay some commission to the club. 

As always – attend such clubs at your own risk. I always suggest finding a nice call-in girl. If you are in Rome, these places could be useful. Poppea Club (Via Capo d’Africa, 21, 00184 Roma), Paradise Club (Via Lanciano, 56, 00156 Roma), Elite 2 (Via dell’Umiltà, 77, 00187 Roma), Lap Dance Piano Bar (Piazza Delle Crociate, 19, 00169 Roma), Gentlemen’s Motor Club Sport Division (Via Principe Umberto, 77, 00185 Roma). Most of the clubs will have entrance fee from 10-20 euros, you will get one drink for that in return which is not so bad.

If you are in Milan there are some good clubs as well. For example, Luxury Disco Strip Night Club (Piazza Armando Diaz, 2, 20123 Milano), Pupa Club Milano (Corso Buenos Aires, 33, 20124 Milano), PEPENERO CLUB Night Lap Dance Addio al Celibato Compleanno (Via Gallarate, 224, 20151 Milano), Blue Eyes Lap Dance (Via Luigi de Andreis, 13, 20137 Milano), Extasià – Lap Dance Milano (Largo Augusto, 7, 20122 Milano).

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