Squeeze a tomato while the bull runs

Spain is a European country and its capital is Madrid. Its continental territory is located in the Iberian Peninsula. Spain owns eight islands, one pack of islands is located next to the cost of Africa, the second island pack is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Biggest of all islands are Tenerife, others are smaller and as follows: Majorca (Mallorca), Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Ibiza (Eivissa), Fuerteventura, Menorca, La Palma. Spain is a quite big country its territory is 505,990 km2 which is 195,360 sq. mi, actually it is the largest country in Southern Europe and the second largest country in the European Union. Spain borders two counties – Portugal and France. Spain borders more seas than countries – Balearic Sea, Alboran Sea, Celtic Sea (Bay of Biscay) and North Atlantic Ocean. Madrid, of course, is the biggest city in Spain, but there are few more cities worth mentioning, like Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, and Bilbao. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Communities are Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castile and León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Community of Madrid, Region of Murcia, Navarre, Valencian Community.

Spain is a country with constitutional monarchy. Head of State is King Felipe VI. Then Head of Government follows (which is Prime Minister of Spain), then there is a Cabinet (Council of Ministers).

Most of the people speak Spanish and it is a natural choice because it is the official language in Spain. But since Spain is a big country there are few more languages that are popular in some regions of Spain, for example, Catalan, a lot of people speak Catalan next to Barcelona. Galician is known and popular in the Galicia region. Basque is known in the Basque country, but only 1% of the population speak Basque. Aranese is even less popular, but still, people speak in Aranese, it is a variant of Gascon Occitan language and is known is Val d’Aran region (a small valley in the Pyrenees). Most popular religion in Spain is Roman Catholic (67.5%), others are a quite minor fraction, like Atheists (10,7%) or Non-Believers (16.1%), other religions are just 2.9%. So more or less, if you are a believer in Spain you are Catholic. 

If we talk about the economy of Spain I can mention that Spain GDP rating is quite good, it is thirteenth largest by nominal GDP which is $1.437 trillion. GDP per capita is $31,059, the rank of this is a bit lower (28th position). In my opinion, Spain has a huge unemployment problem because it is 14.45% (January 2019). It is getting lower, but there are just too many unemployed people in Spain which is a high risk of poverty and problems. In January 2018 unemployment was at 16.4% rate. Spain also has a huge problem with Corruption. Billions of euros are lost in many Corruption scandals all around the country. Biggest scandals of Corruption are GAL case, Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa case, Naseiro case, Privatisations case, Gürtel case, ERE case in Andalusia, Palma Arena case, Nóos case, Millet or Palau de la Música Catalana case, Bankia case and these are only the biggest and known for the society, image how much we still don’t know and will find out in next years to come.

Like many counties in the world, Spain has a multi-level pension system. One part is what you can get from the government, another is from private pension funds. There is one interesting fact about the pensions in Spain that they almost don’t care how much you have earned during your lifetime (how much taxes you have paid), most important thing what will determine your pension is how much you have earned during the last 2 years before the pension, so it is very important to have a job before you go to pension. Of course, don’t imagine that you can be unemployed for your whole life and get a decent pension, no, but it is not the most important factor to get a good pension in Spain. During the last few years, Spain increased the minimum wage and that will reflect on pensions as well. Starting 2019 minimum wage in Spain is 1050 EUR, but in 2016 it was only 764 EUR per month. This may be not a lot, but there is good news in Spain most of the people receive salary checks 14 times a year, not 12 as we could think. Spanish people get additional checks in July and in December as a bonus for their hard work. The average salary in Spain is 1900 EUR. Top paid jobs in Spain are Commercial pilot (average wage is 4600 EUR), Surgeon (salary is around 7500 EUR), Orthodontist (they get paid around 6500 EUR), Engineering project director (they receive approximately 5000 EUR) and ICT director (they earn around 4500 EUR a month).

I think we already have enough about some economy facts in Spain, so let’s talk about pleasure. What to do and what to see in Spain?

So… best places to visit are Barcelona, Granada, Spanish Islands, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Tenerife, Alicante.

A top place for tourists is Barcelona it attracts more people than the capital of Spain. It offers a wide range of possibilities starting from shopping up to architecture and noisy nightlife. If we talk about architecture Barcelona is very famous with buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi and the most popular is Sagrada Familia church which is still constructed and we will see full its beauty only in 2021 – 2022 if construction plans will not change. To image how complex this building is I can say that construction of it started on March 19, 1882. So, it’s more than 100 years and it is not completed till now. Of course, I have to mention Casa Batllo as well which is one of the oldest castles/building in the city center, its design is just extraordinary. Another thing that is very popular in Barcelona is Aquarium of the Barcelona, it is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe and offers a wide choice of fish to see starting from tiny ones up to sharks of different size. One of the top recreational places in Barcelona is Park Guell, it is full of gardens and unique architectural features. You can rest and enjoy beautiful sights.

If we talk about Granada. It is located next to the Sierra Nevada mountains (south Spain). Granada is a mix of traditional and colorful nightlife. Well since Spanish people like to party I guess we can expect that in all cities we will have a good nightlife, right? One of the most popular buildings is an ancient fortress in Granada, everyone in Granada is proud of this mighty building. A lot of top places to visit in Granada are inside of the Alhambra. For example, Generalife, Palacios Nazaries, Alcazaba, Palace of Charles V. These are great samples of architecture that are still in great condition and available for tourists. If you are a believer then definitely a must to visit is San Jeronimo Monastery. It was built in 1496. When you are done with exploring the past you can go and check out the scientist achievements as well – Science Park. You will be able to check out how the human body functions and see some of the best Islamic scientists from Andalucia achievements. 

One of the top places where tourists go is Tenerife. It is the most popular destinations if we talk about the Spanish islands. Tenerife is popular due to its nice weather and attractions. Weather can change rapidly depending on your location on the island and how high you are in the mountains. Some of the best attraction in Tenerife are Teide National Park, Siam Park, Masca, Punta del Hidalgo in the Anaga Mountains, Taganana, Cueva del Viento. All these places give a great opportunity to explore the island from top to bottom. You can hike on the volcano mountain, you can check out what lava eruption leaves after. You can experience beautiful mountains and ocean. You can find a lot of beautiful places for great photo-shoots. Feel the nature from all its sides, beauty with green trees and punishing with lava eruptions. 

Madrid, of course, we can’t ignore it. It is also a very beautiful city and it is the capital of Spain. Most popular places in Madrid are Gran Vía (shopping artery which is already 100 years old), Palacio Real (Royal Palace) was a residence for Spanish monarchs Carlos III to Alfonso XIII, Museo del Prado is considered as the most important museum in Madrid, it is neo-classical building and it was built in 1785. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is the art gallery of Madrid. We can see there a lot of exceptional pieces of art like Picasso’s Guernica and Velázquez’s Las Meninas. 

There are few events that are especially popular in Spain, they happen once a year outside of the major cities. Most popular festivals are La Tomatina (which happens close to Valencia in the town Buñol) and Running of the bulls (is organized in a city called Pamplona).

In a few words about La Tomatina – it is a festival where you can throw tomatoes on other people. The city center is filled with cars and carts which contain tomatoes, you are free to take as much as you want and throw to other persons. I would say it is very interesting to see, but would not participate because you can actually get serious wounds. If you get hit in the eye there can be some bigger problems than just a blue eye for a couple of days. 

Running with bulls is even more extreme. The city of Pamplona is closed during the festival, you can’t drive there in a car, because bulls will be released on the streets. When it starts a lot of people get on the streets to try to run from the running bulls. It is more dangerous than La Tomatina because the bull can actually kill you. Bulls have quite sharp horns which can harm your arms or body. But if we are just viewers in a safe place – why not? It is a great show from the history of Spain and it is a must-see attraction.

Ok… so… we have done the most important stuff, but what’s missing? Yeah… Girls. 

Spain is a huge mix of different people from all around the world this includes girls. There isn’t any special law that regulates prostitution in Spain, but for example, pimping is forbidden. If I have to divide girls to meet for sex in Spain I would say there are two kinds, girls that work daily to escort some men and girls who are working time to time (students). There are a lot of Brazilian girls that work daily. The average age is 20-25 years old. If we talk about the students they are of course younger 18-22, they can come from any European country, but generally, they come from Italy or Germany. So, who should it be? Experienced Brazilan and nice and tiny student from Italy? Definitely, it is up to you.

There are no official brothels in Spain, most of them are masked as striptease clubs where you can get to meet some girls as well whom you can take with you to your hotel room. Same as in other countries there are low-class girls and high-class girls. The low class will cost around 50 euros, you will get 15 minutes quickie (cum and go). If you want a bit more in terms of time or attitude you should search for a premium girl which will come to your hotel for around 150-250 euros per hour. You can, of course, neogate price and what you expect before the meeting. I would definitely inform the girl about my expectations, what kind of lingerie I want, how many times I would like to enjoy her etc. If you search a while you can find some exotic girls – Chinese and black ones are there as well. They are considered as premium girls. Spain is also full of porno stars, you can call-in around 20 different active porno starts which will cost you around 1000 Euros for a few hours. 

I will list some known places where you can go and find a girl of your choice, but anyway, I would recommend choosing a call-in option, because it is much safer.

If we talk about the Madrid, there is a club called The Hole (Calle de Atocha, 18), El Templo del Placer (Calle Atocha, 125), Utopía Madrid (Calle Agastia, 115). Barcelona – Apricots Barcelona Camp Center (Còrsega 252A, 08008) their slogan is interesting – take away sluts, Felina BCN (Can Bruixa 42, Barcelona), Maison Close (Passeig de Gràcia, 123 Barcelona). Valencia – Amor Secreto (Calle Dr Lluch No. 31), Angels Valencia (Gran Via del Marques del Turia No. 78), Models (Av. de l’Institut Obrer Valencià, 16).