Skal vi danse? I senga?

Norway (officially the Kingdom of Norway) is a country in Northern Europe. Oslo is the capital of Norway. From the right side, it borders Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. From the left side, it borders a few seas – North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea. Norway has a lot of islands, but the biggest are Spitsbergen (37,673 km2), Nordaustlandet (14,467 km2), Edgeøya (5,073 km2), Hinnøya (2,205 km2) and Senja (1,586 km2). Most of the islands are in the Norwegian Sea, some are in the Barents Sea and the Greenland Sea and Spitsbergen border the Arctic Ocean. Norway covers 385,207 square kilometers (148,729 sq mi). Latest population data states that Norway has 5 312 300 inhabitants. Norway is a member of the United Nations, NATO, European Free Trade Association, Antarctic Treaty. Norwegian language is very similar to Danish and Swedish.

The territory of Norway is very different. You can sunbathe and swim in one of their seas and you can climb un the mountains where you can see snow all year around. Its’ terrain is very complex and there are a lot of places with a low number of inhabitants (0-1 person per km2). The climate in Norway is also very different. It can be +20 Celsium in Oslo and -10 Celsium in the mountains.

If we look at the GDP of Norway it may seem not so good. In 2018 it is $443 billion which is 22nd place in the world. But if we look at the same index just per capita we can see that it is $82,711 and that is 3rd place in the world which is impressive and this index shows how strong economy of Norway is. Norway takes first place in Gini index as well as HDI index. 

History of Norway goes as far as 872 A.D (Prior unification established). 1263 (Old Kingdom of Norway). May 17, 1814, is considered as the official day of independence of Norway. It is the day Norway got full independence from Sweden and Denmark.

Most of the people living in Norway are native Norwegians and Sami (indigenous status). Minority status in Norway – Jewish, Traveller, Forest Finn, Romani, Kven. Some minorities have official minority language status – Kven, Romani, and Romanes. Norwegians speak Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk – old and new Norwegian). 

Main industries in Norway are petroleum, natural gas, shipping, fishing, aquaculture, food processing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles. Most of this is exported to the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Belgium, Denmark, and the United States. Total export size of Norway is calculated at $102.8 billion (2017). The average salary in Norway in 2018 was EUR 4713 (gross), EUR 3452 (net). Unemployment in Norway is incredibly low – only 3.9% (2019). Most of the people work in the service sector (78.6%), industry (19.3%), agriculture (2.1%). Petroleum and fish industry make Norway strong. There are a lot of oil and gas fields all around Norway in the seas. Norway is almost electricity independent, its hydroelectric plants produce 98-99% of their electrical needs.

Largest cities in Norway are Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger/Sandnes, Trondheim, Drammen, Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg, Porsgrunn/Skien, Kristiansand, Alesund, Tonsberg. Norway consists of multiple countries: Østfold, Akershus, Oslo, Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud, Vestfold, Telemark, Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms, Finnmark. 

Government Pension Fund is just fantastic, it has a value of $1 trillion (which is $190 000 per capita) and it is more than the current GDP of Norway. You are entitled to a pension if you have lived and worked in Norway for 40 years after you reach the age of 16. If so, you are eligible for the standard pension, it can be bigger if your income was good when you worked. Pension is 1689 EUR per month and it is one of the biggest pensions in Europe. You can retire at the age of 67. If you worked less then you can still get the pension, but it will be less. Since Norway is a wealthy country it can afford to pay good pensions for elders.

There are many places in Norway worth visiting. Most beautiful places of them all are the Lofoten Islands, Bergen, Oslo, The Geirangerfjord, Flåm. Big cities, small villages, mountains, and fjords, it all can be seen and found in Norway. Norway is the TOP10 destination in the world because of its nature. 

Let’s talk about the Lofoten Islands. These islands are popular because they are not crowded. There are multiple small towns and not a lot of people. You will fall in love with its nature, because of the midnight sun and northern lights. These islands are Sustainable Destination certified, this means they are working hard to reduce the negative impact of tourism. If you are here you should visit the Lofotr Viking Museum, Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. If you are looking for something more romantic you will love Northern Lights Riding Tour, where you have a chance to whiteness Northern lights in real life.

Bergen is a bit more populated and louder than The Lofoten Islands. Nightlife is also more attractive here. This city is well maintained as most of the cities in Norway. There are several buildings still standing from the 12th century and 60 of building you can see in Bergen are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. If you like to fish you should visit local restaurants, because you will get fresh fish here, fishing is very popular here the same as in any town next to the sea in Norway. You can also visit Bergen Fish Market where you can buy any fish for your taste. A very beautiful place is Fantoft Stave Church, unfortunately, it is not the same as it was built because it burned down in 1992 (originally built in 1150), now there is a close copy of this church. Bergen is also considered as The Gateway to the Fjords. Bergen is connected to a lot of fjords, so you should take ship tour to see them all. There are daily cruises to Hurtigruten, so you can’t miss it.

After a lot of nature, you can come back to metropole of Norway – Oslo. It is the capital of Norway and a must-see city. One of the top places is Frogner Park, it was made the 20th century. There are a lot of sculptures – 212, half of them are different people. If you are having a walk in the Oslo go to see Aker Brygge. For 150 years it was a shipyard, but now it offers great dining places. If you feel that you would like to see great looking fortress from the 13th century then you should visit Akershus Fortress. It is well maintained, you will enjoy it. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this fortress was a prison, Gjest Baardsen was also imprisoned here. If you would like to have the best experience here – visit in summer. A lot of homemade food can be found at Mathallen Food Hall, find your taste of Norway here. 

Next nice place which is worth visiting and mentioning is The Geirangerfjord. None of the pictures can describe how beautiful this place is. These fjords have so much power when you look at them. Green below and full of snow at the top… The view is just amazing. This is a quite similar feeling to seeing The Grand Canyon in the USA, but much closer if you are European. Take a ship to enjoy fjords or choose a bus tour to go as high as possible in the mountains for an amazing sky view. There are multiple great viewpoints to see most of the fjords – Ørnesvingen-eagle Road, Flydalsjuvet Rock, Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau, Mehdi’s Viewpoint, Norwegian Fjord Centre, Geiranger Fjord Viewpoint.

Flåm is a small village in Norway, but it is not a problem to attract many tourists and cruise ships. Flåm has one of the most scenic views and beautiful train lines in the world. It provides a ride for an hour thru the mountains and it provides a fantastic view. Waterfall, mountains, snow and green grass it all is combined during this train ride. 

As always after visiting all major cities and after seeing most scenic views we must have a break and enjoy beautiful girls of Norway. There are plenty of good places to pick up girls in Oslo, a lot of strip clubs. But anyway… I always recommend to call-in the girl, rather than pick her up at strip-club, but if you are interested to visit strip club here are some in the center of Oslo. Paradise Showbar (Rådhusgata 4, 0151 Oslo, Norway), String Showbar (Skippergata 21, 0154 Oslo, Norway), Lotus showbar (Dronningens gate 17, 0154 Oslo, Norway), Blaze Go-Go Bar (Grensen 1 Inngang fra, Møllergata, 0159 Oslo, Norway), Xposed show bar (Bernt Ankers gate 5, 0183 Oslo, Norway).

Show me the love on Eiffel Tower

France (the French Republic) is a country in Western Europe. Capital of France is Paris. The territory of France is 547,030 sq. km (211,209 sq. mi). France borders Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain. France has access to three seas and one ocean – the Manche (British Channel), the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. So, there are a lot of options for French to go for a nice relax and sunbath next to the sea. Most of the people in France are French (89% – native-born), 4,4% (naturalized), and others are from different countries. Interestingly, a lot of people in France are nonbelievers or non-religious (40% of inhabitants), 51% are Christian, 6% Muslim and a few smaller religions as well. France as we know it today was founded on July 14, 1789. France is a unitary semi-presidential republic. Nowadays there are 66,998,000 inhabitants in the territory of France.

If we talk about the economy of France, it is one of the strongest in the world. Its GDP is estimated at around $3.081 trillion (10th place in the world), GDP per capita is estimated to be $47,113. Gini coefficient could be better it is 29.3 (which is considered as low). HDI is 0.901 (which is considered as very high – 24th place in the world). The income of France has a great mix. They have a good combination of private enterprises with state enterprises. The government owns and runs most of the public services, like, railways, electricity, nuclear power and telecommunications, airline (Air France). Even if the government does not own 100% of these enterprises they have a major share in public sector companies. France is the second-largest economy in the EU by purchasing power, also France is one of the biggest agricultural producers in Europe, produces 20% of total European agriculture. Most popular products of France are wheat, poultry, dairy, beef, and port, as well as Champagne and Bordeaux wines. 

The French pension system is quite interesting. To be eligible for it you have to have a working history of 42 years (at least), then you can receive states pension. So, work hard… or you might end up with nothing. There are limits of what you can get as well. Your pensions will be 50% of your annual income that was before pension with a limit – not more than €39,732 per year. Of course, this is just a state pension, you can have some private pension funds which will increase your income, but the limit of €39 000 is not so bad anyway. France is considered as one of the best countries where to retire because income decrease in France when you retire is barely visible. You get almost the same as you earned. The average pension in France is 1450 euro per month. 

There are plenty of places to visit in France. Most beautiful are – Paris, French Riviera, Châteaux, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Biarritz, Annecy.

Let’s see what we can expect from cities in France. I will start with the capital of France – Paris.

Of course, the most popular place to visit is the Eiffel Tower. It was built on January 28, 1887, and it consists of 18 000 sturdy iron parts and their weight is 10 000 tons. Which is impressive. Everything holds together with 2.5 million rivets. If you want to go with your feet, then the first level will be 57 m high and you will have to walk up the 360 steps, if you are not tired yet you try to get to the second level which is 115 meters high and it will 344 steps more to challenge, but there is good news, if you want to gain strength there is a restaurant on the second level – Jules Verne Restaurant. The second-biggest attraction in Paris is Musée du Louvre. It is beautiful itself, you can just walk around it enjoy architecture, but the real beauty is inside, there are hundreds of magnificent art pieces, like, Mona Lisa, Trois Glorieuses, Wedding Feast at Cana, Botticelli’s frescoes. Unfortunately, the third object is not available at this time, because it is in a renovation after the fire. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris had a serious fire in 2019. Serious reconstruction will take place until it will be opened again. It is one of the most beautiful churches. It was founded in 1163 by King Louis IX (Saint Louis) and Bishop Maurice de Sully.

When you had a good walk to historical places and enjoyed Paris from above you should try out some of their national dishes. Most popular are Coq au vin (chicken, bacon, black pepper, mushrooms, chicken), Cassoulet (beans, pork sausage, chicken breasts), Crepe (pancakes with fruits, mostly with strawberries), Pot-au-feu (beef stew with vegetables).

Let’s move on to French Riviera. This is a great place to have a rest next to the sea. One of the top places is Promenade des Anglais in Nice. You can a good walk by the promenade, have lunch next to the Mediterranean Sea, sunbath and rest in peace. You have probably heard Saint-Tropez in a few songs? This is a great place as well. Tourists from all over the world come to this island to enjoy the sun, this is a quite small town, so it will be quieter here than in other places. There are plenty of fancy restaurants and fashion boutiques. Beach is also good, no problems to sunbath here as well. If you are a true fan of beaches you should visit Cannes Beaches (Mace Beach, Zamenhof Beach, Gazagnaire Beach, La Casino Beach, Bocca Beach, Moure Rouge Beach). Most of these beaches have parasols and lounge chairs for rent. In high season there are lifeguards as well. You will not be disappointed in these beaches. 

Next place to stop in France is Châteaux (also known as Loire Valley). There are a lot of great castles in this area. First worth noting is Château de Chambord. It is located on the left bank of the Loire River. It was built in 16th century for King Francis I. Number of rooms is impressive – 440 rooms. Next, to the property, we can find 5 500 hectares of parkland, most of that is pristine forests (4/5). The next beauty is Château de Chenonceau. When Thomas Bohier purchased this castle in 1512 his wife Catherine Briçonnet renovated this castle. One of the interesting parts of this building is its arched bridge that crosses the Cher River. It seems that this castle is floating, but it is not true. Castle itself is located in the land. Also, I would like to mention a bit smaller castle – Azay-le-Rideau. It was built in the 16h century by a wealthy financier. It a nice fairy tale style building with a beautiful flower garden. I think this castle speaks about itself, just see the pictures of it.

So… Where could we go further? I would say that Lyon is a good place. You should see its old town – Vieille Ville. The old town is also known as “Babazouk”. It is covered with large boulevards, one of them is Jardin Albert I boulevard. There are plenty of historical buildings in the town, like, Palais de la Préfecture, Nice Cathedral, Baroque church, Palais Lascaris (Rue Droite). One more interesting place in Nice is Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain. There are interesting art pieces, like, Pop Art, American Abstracts and Minimalists from the 1960s and 1970s. Museum was opened in 1990. 

Of course, there is Marseille as well. If you are visiting France you should come here as well. Port of Marseille is active for 2600 years, you will find a lot of warehouses from the 18th century when you will visit the port. Of course, there are some new industrial docks as well. You can see a lot of beautiful yachts in the port. Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde – is located 150 meters above the water. It has been a religious sanctuary for centuries. If you want you can climb till the church, but in the summer, it can be a bit difficult. There is a train as well which will bring you up from the port to church. MuCEM is one of the latest architectural pieces of art. It was built in 2013 and is located next to the 17th century Fort de Saint-Jean. You should see how they connected modern tendencies of architecture with historical buildings next to it. This is a very interesting combination, there are not a lot of places where you can experience something like this!

Biarritz is a city next to the Bay of Biscay. It is considered as a sea resort where to rest from the big city buzz. A great place is Rocher de la Vierge. It is a wooden bridge which connects a huge rock with a mainland. In the 19th century, the rock was used as a whale-watching place, then it was connected to the mainland and opened for tourists. On top of the rock, we can find a statue of the virgin. La Côte des Basques become popular in 1957 when American writer Peter Viertel filmed a movie here. Everyone wanted to see this beautiful beach afterward. It can be seen in The Sun Also Rises movie. It is also good for surfers.  Casino Municipal located right next to the beach, but if you want to go inside you have to be dressed, they have quite strict rules about that. It was built in 1929 and still operates. In spite in its name you can see a word Casino, it is not a Casino anymore, but you can experience how the building was set up in the 1930s. Most of the furniture is from those years. When you enter the building, you will be thrown a lot of years back.

Finally, the last city I will mention in this story is Annecy, it is located next to the lake – Lac d’Annecy. View from the city to the lake will remind you about the postcards. The look is just amazing. Water in the lake is very clean. You see thru the water. From the city you can see the opposite side of the lake with the huge centennial trees, the air in this city is very clean as well. To the left, you can find the Imperial Palace gardens. This is a perfect place to renew energy before going back home or before going to a big and noisy city. You can also rent a bike for a ride around the lake. If you want a bit adrenalin you can go for a paraglide ride from the nearby mountains. 

What else do you need after a good relax? Yes! Of course! Some girls in your hotel room. Let’s talk about call girls in France. The situation with escorts in France is interesting because around half of the prostitutes are local girls, the other half is a mix of foreigners. They come from all around the world (Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, Baltics). There are a lot of girls that come to France to rest for the summer and they provide services as you need only in the summer, while they are having fun on the beach in the meantime. And… is it legal to buy sex in France? Yes and no. There is one catch – if you will get caught by the police that you are paying for sex you can get a fine which is 1500 Euro if it will be more than once, fine will go up to anywhere till 3750 Euro. Brothels in France are illegal. So, I would not suggest finding a girl on the street, it can be risky. No one can prove what you are doing in your hotel room, so in-call girls will be the best choice. You can get a good girl from 18-22 for around 100-150 euro for an hour. Premium girls or pornstars will cost you around 400 euro per hour.

If you still want to visit strip clubs or brothels in France, here are some suggestions, but we can’t guarantee that it is safe there, so think about it good before you go there. 

Rue Saint-Denis – it is a street from Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle and Rue de Rivoli. There are a lot of girls on the street and they will ask you to come in the club, but be aware, that entrance will be from 30-70 euro and girl that invites you will go away, so there might be a bit uglier girls inside. Don’t expect much here. 

Pigalle is a center for sex shops, strip clubs, etc. You can enter any strip club, for a fee of 20 euro, usually, you will get a free drink for that. But be aware that girls in the club will try to trick you to buy drinks for them, drinks will cost anywhere from 30-100 euros. 

Most of the places in France as masked as strip clubs and girls will be on the street next to sex shops. You can’t find public brothels here as in any other European cities. Law since 2016 is quite strict about that.

Pizza time

Italy (Italian Republic) is located in Europe. It borders France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland. Also, Italy enclaves Vatican City and San Marino. Italy also borders few seas: Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. There are 60 million inhabitants in Italy and it covers 301 340 km2 (166 350 sq. mi) of land. Biggest cities in Italy are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Venice. Rome is the capital of Italy. 

If we talk about the economy of Italy than it is quite average. GDP in 2018 was $2.072 trillion (nominal), but GDP PPP was $2.397 trillion and it is in 8th place in the world. But if we look at GDP per capita it looks worse, because it is $34,260 and it is only 25th place. Most of the GDP comes from services (tourism, restaurants, etc.). Only 2.1% is from agriculture and 23.9% comes from industry (like wineries, machinery, iron, and steel, chemical, motor vehicles, etc.). Did you know that Italy is the second biggest manufacturer in Europe (only Germans produce more)? In spite Italy’s economy is quite strong there are huge problems with poverty. 5.7% of inhabitants are poor and need serious help of social institutions and 28.9% of inhabitants are at huge risk of poverty or social exclusion, this is quite serious. Have you heard that in Italy there are some parts where even police don’t want to react? This is a small preview of what’s really going there. Maybe unemployment has something to do with it? Because it is high in Italy – 10.2%, it is a bit less than it was a few years ago, but still, that is not good.

Average gross salary in Italy is 2916 EUR (month), which is 2110 EUR net. In spite that it might seem a good salary there are people who earn much less. Low education, laziness, and many other factors. If we look at the human development index then we can see that Italy takes 28th place, which is a very good result. Index of Italy is 0.880. All of this is good, but like all other countries’ pensions could be bigger. This, of course, is only a government pension, but the average pension in Italy is only 1050 EUR per month. If you have a private pension fund or savings then, of course, you can live quite good, but If this the only income, then it is definitely not good enough to live in Italy.

Most of the people that live in Italy are native Italians (91.5%) and only 8.5% are other nationalities. Most of the people are Catholic (74.4%) and a lot are irreligious (22.6%). Italy as a county is known since June 18, 1946. Italy is a parliamentary republic.

If we talk about the climate in Italy it can be quite different. It can be -4 °C (26 °F) and snowing in Milan, but in Rome, it is +22 °C (70 °F). In the summer there is pleasant weather all the time. 

There a lot of great cities worth visiting in Italy, such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, Capri, Sicily.

Rome is the capital of Italy. It has a huge number of historical buildings, like, Colosseum, the Forum, Appian Way and the Palatine Hill which provides a great look of the Vatican. Colosseum is 186 meters long and 156 meters wide. It was started by Vespasian in AD 72. In 1349 it collapsed in the major earthquake. The arena floor was 83 by 48 meters. The Forum (Foro Romano) seems very impressive even in the 21st century. To hold it steady it is supported by a layer of dirt and rubble as deep as 15 meters. When culture is enough you can have a decent meal in restaurants in Rome, there are a lot of premium class restaurants. After what you can continue a great nightlife in one of many clubs in the city.

Florence is the capital of the Renaissance. Some people say that the whole city is one huge art museum. There are historical buildings on each corner of the city and most of them are renovated and in good shape. A most important landmark is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which is world class architecture inspiration. It is the third largest church in the world and the largest church in Europe. It is 153 meters long, 90 meters wide. The first stone was laid on September 8, 1296. When you are done with churches you should visit some gardens and parks. For example, Boboli Gardens. These gardens are amazing and creating on these gardens took more than 100 years. Building started in 1418 and finished in 1549.

Venice is so unique that it is known all over the world. Its beauty is that you will not find there a lot of usual roads, you can’t drive with a car in Venice because it is covered with a lot of canals. The main transportation in Venice is on the water. You will not find any busses, because public transport is based on small ships. You can go thru Venice enjoying breathtaking views thru the Grand Canal. If you like some romantic singing you should probably try out gondolas in Venice, it will provide the best experience in its canals. History of Venice goes as far as AD 400. Most popular tourist attractions in Venice are Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square. Doge’s Palace and Basilica of St. Mark. The building of Piazza San Marco started in AD 800. Full might and glory it obtained from 1100 – 1490 and it still stands today. You should visit Venice quite soon because there are major flood problems and Venice is sinking. 

Milan is one of the biggest cities in Italy. A lot of tourists come to Milan because of its big airport which is located very close to the city. Milan is also popular as the main base of designers, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Verdi, Enrico Caruso, Toscanini, and designer Giorgio Armani. It is considered as the capital of modern designer boutiques (most of them are located in the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). The biggest architectural beauty of Milan is its massive cathedral which is considered as one of the finest examples of Flamboyant Gothic style buildings. Next, to the Castello Sforzesco, you will be able to find one of the biggest fountains in Milan.

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy and it is located quite close to Milan. There are many beautiful cities next to this lake, Como, Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Lecco, Colico. It borders two countries – Italy and Switzerland. It is quite a big lake, it’s surface area is 146 km2, the maximum length is 46 km and maximum width is 4.5 km. Total shore length is 160 km. If you take a ride on the lake with many of boats that locals offer you will see its beauty. Lake is located just next to the mountains which provide breathtaking views. There are plenty of villas next to the lake, starting from new ones and quite simple up to historical villas which cost to rent a few tens of thousands of euros per month. Most beautiful villas are Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi d’Eril, Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como from the lakeside villa. You can pick the location which fits your wishes. You can find a calm place where to spend your summer.

Capri is a beautiful island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just next to the Gulf of Naples. There are only 12 000 native inhabitants. Island is 10.4 km2 big. Most of the tourists are inspired by Botanical Garden. It is one of the biggest gardens in Italy. There are flowers and trees from all over the world. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. There is one very important piece of the past located on this island – The remains of Villa Jovis, built by emperor Tiberius and completed in AD 27. Also, there are interesting caves, which you can visit if you go with the boat. You can sail right into the cliff. 

The Island of Sicily is very special. It is one of the seven places on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Most important attraction are Selinunte is one of the largest Greek temples, Valley of Temples (Agrigento), is one of the most perfect Greek temples anywhere left, the 3,500 square meters of mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale in Enna decorate one of the best-preserved villas in the entire Roman Empire. Sicily is 25711 km2 big and it is one of the autonomous regions of Italy. One of the biggest volcanos in Europe is Etna and it is located in the Sicily – Catania. Etna last erupted in 1831. If you go up the mountain which takes around 2 hours you can experience the walk on the real lava remains. If you are extreme enough to go right to the top – you can do it. There are very limited places (daily visitors) and if you book it in advance you can try it. If we talk about climate Sicily has a very typical Mediterranean climate.

So… we have traveled and seen most of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Italy, what’s left? Yeah, right! Girls… Can you imagine any trip without some decent girl or girls at your side? Before we begin, you should know that prostitution in Italy is legal, but brothels are prohibited. First regulations of prostitution go as far as 1859. At that time brothels were legal, but then in 1973 legislation changed and brothels were closed because of the big crime and human trafficking risk. 

Most of the independent escort girls in Italy are from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania. Their asking price per hour in Italy is much bigger than in their home countries. They can easily earn from 150 EUR per hour up to 500 EUR for a night. It can definitely cover most of their expenses during the month and they can have a quite decent life. Most of the escort girls are Russian teens from 18 – 24 years old. Most of them are students in Italy who wants some extra money for their “candies”. 

Depending on the city where you are you can find some porno stars as well. The bigger choice is in Milan. Porno stars in Italy start from 500 EUR for an hour. It is quite a reasonable price and it is almost the same in all countries. Only five-star girls ask for more. 

In spite that brothels are illegal in Italy, they have operated anyway. Most of the brothels are masked as strip clubs where you can take a girl home or to the hotel after a lap dance on a mutually beneficial agreement, of course, she will pay some commission to the club. 

As always – attend such clubs at your own risk. I always suggest finding a nice call-in girl. If you are in Rome, these places could be useful. Poppea Club (Via Capo d’Africa, 21, 00184 Roma), Paradise Club (Via Lanciano, 56, 00156 Roma), Elite 2 (Via dell’Umiltà, 77, 00187 Roma), Lap Dance Piano Bar (Piazza Delle Crociate, 19, 00169 Roma), Gentlemen’s Motor Club Sport Division (Via Principe Umberto, 77, 00185 Roma). Most of the clubs will have entrance fee from 10-20 euros, you will get one drink for that in return which is not so bad.

If you are in Milan there are some good clubs as well. For example, Luxury Disco Strip Night Club (Piazza Armando Diaz, 2, 20123 Milano), Pupa Club Milano (Corso Buenos Aires, 33, 20124 Milano), PEPENERO CLUB Night Lap Dance Addio al Celibato Compleanno (Via Gallarate, 224, 20151 Milano), Blue Eyes Lap Dance (Via Luigi de Andreis, 13, 20137 Milano), Extasià – Lap Dance Milano (Largo Augusto, 7, 20122 Milano).

Squeeze a tomato while the bull runs

Spain is a European country and its capital is Madrid. Its continental territory is located in the Iberian Peninsula. Spain owns eight islands, one pack of islands is located next to the cost of Africa, the second island pack is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Biggest of all islands are Tenerife, others are smaller and as follows: Majorca (Mallorca), Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Ibiza (Eivissa), Fuerteventura, Menorca, La Palma. Spain is a quite big country its territory is 505,990 km2 which is 195,360 sq. mi, actually it is the largest country in Southern Europe and the second largest country in the European Union. Spain borders two counties – Portugal and France. Spain borders more seas than countries – Balearic Sea, Alboran Sea, Celtic Sea (Bay of Biscay) and North Atlantic Ocean. Madrid, of course, is the biggest city in Spain, but there are few more cities worth mentioning, like Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, and Bilbao. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Communities are Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castile and León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Community of Madrid, Region of Murcia, Navarre, Valencian Community.

Spain is a country with constitutional monarchy. Head of State is King Felipe VI. Then Head of Government follows (which is Prime Minister of Spain), then there is a Cabinet (Council of Ministers).

Most of the people speak Spanish and it is a natural choice because it is the official language in Spain. But since Spain is a big country there are few more languages that are popular in some regions of Spain, for example, Catalan, a lot of people speak Catalan next to Barcelona. Galician is known and popular in the Galicia region. Basque is known in the Basque country, but only 1% of the population speak Basque. Aranese is even less popular, but still, people speak in Aranese, it is a variant of Gascon Occitan language and is known is Val d’Aran region (a small valley in the Pyrenees). Most popular religion in Spain is Roman Catholic (67.5%), others are a quite minor fraction, like Atheists (10,7%) or Non-Believers (16.1%), other religions are just 2.9%. So more or less, if you are a believer in Spain you are Catholic. 

If we talk about the economy of Spain I can mention that Spain GDP rating is quite good, it is thirteenth largest by nominal GDP which is $1.437 trillion. GDP per capita is $31,059, the rank of this is a bit lower (28th position). In my opinion, Spain has a huge unemployment problem because it is 14.45% (January 2019). It is getting lower, but there are just too many unemployed people in Spain which is a high risk of poverty and problems. In January 2018 unemployment was at 16.4% rate. Spain also has a huge problem with Corruption. Billions of euros are lost in many Corruption scandals all around the country. Biggest scandals of Corruption are GAL case, Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa case, Naseiro case, Privatisations case, Gürtel case, ERE case in Andalusia, Palma Arena case, Nóos case, Millet or Palau de la Música Catalana case, Bankia case and these are only the biggest and known for the society, image how much we still don’t know and will find out in next years to come.

Like many counties in the world, Spain has a multi-level pension system. One part is what you can get from the government, another is from private pension funds. There is one interesting fact about the pensions in Spain that they almost don’t care how much you have earned during your lifetime (how much taxes you have paid), most important thing what will determine your pension is how much you have earned during the last 2 years before the pension, so it is very important to have a job before you go to pension. Of course, don’t imagine that you can be unemployed for your whole life and get a decent pension, no, but it is not the most important factor to get a good pension in Spain. During the last few years, Spain increased the minimum wage and that will reflect on pensions as well. Starting 2019 minimum wage in Spain is 1050 EUR, but in 2016 it was only 764 EUR per month. This may be not a lot, but there is good news in Spain most of the people receive salary checks 14 times a year, not 12 as we could think. Spanish people get additional checks in July and in December as a bonus for their hard work. The average salary in Spain is 1900 EUR. Top paid jobs in Spain are Commercial pilot (average wage is 4600 EUR), Surgeon (salary is around 7500 EUR), Orthodontist (they get paid around 6500 EUR), Engineering project director (they receive approximately 5000 EUR) and ICT director (they earn around 4500 EUR a month).

I think we already have enough about some economy facts in Spain, so let’s talk about pleasure. What to do and what to see in Spain?

So… best places to visit are Barcelona, Granada, Spanish Islands, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Tenerife, Alicante.

A top place for tourists is Barcelona it attracts more people than the capital of Spain. It offers a wide range of possibilities starting from shopping up to architecture and noisy nightlife. If we talk about architecture Barcelona is very famous with buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi and the most popular is Sagrada Familia church which is still constructed and we will see full its beauty only in 2021 – 2022 if construction plans will not change. To image how complex this building is I can say that construction of it started on March 19, 1882. So, it’s more than 100 years and it is not completed till now. Of course, I have to mention Casa Batllo as well which is one of the oldest castles/building in the city center, its design is just extraordinary. Another thing that is very popular in Barcelona is Aquarium of the Barcelona, it is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe and offers a wide choice of fish to see starting from tiny ones up to sharks of different size. One of the top recreational places in Barcelona is Park Guell, it is full of gardens and unique architectural features. You can rest and enjoy beautiful sights.

If we talk about Granada. It is located next to the Sierra Nevada mountains (south Spain). Granada is a mix of traditional and colorful nightlife. Well since Spanish people like to party I guess we can expect that in all cities we will have a good nightlife, right? One of the most popular buildings is an ancient fortress in Granada, everyone in Granada is proud of this mighty building. A lot of top places to visit in Granada are inside of the Alhambra. For example, Generalife, Palacios Nazaries, Alcazaba, Palace of Charles V. These are great samples of architecture that are still in great condition and available for tourists. If you are a believer then definitely a must to visit is San Jeronimo Monastery. It was built in 1496. When you are done with exploring the past you can go and check out the scientist achievements as well – Science Park. You will be able to check out how the human body functions and see some of the best Islamic scientists from Andalucia achievements. 

One of the top places where tourists go is Tenerife. It is the most popular destinations if we talk about the Spanish islands. Tenerife is popular due to its nice weather and attractions. Weather can change rapidly depending on your location on the island and how high you are in the mountains. Some of the best attraction in Tenerife are Teide National Park, Siam Park, Masca, Punta del Hidalgo in the Anaga Mountains, Taganana, Cueva del Viento. All these places give a great opportunity to explore the island from top to bottom. You can hike on the volcano mountain, you can check out what lava eruption leaves after. You can experience beautiful mountains and ocean. You can find a lot of beautiful places for great photo-shoots. Feel the nature from all its sides, beauty with green trees and punishing with lava eruptions. 

Madrid, of course, we can’t ignore it. It is also a very beautiful city and it is the capital of Spain. Most popular places in Madrid are Gran Vía (shopping artery which is already 100 years old), Palacio Real (Royal Palace) was a residence for Spanish monarchs Carlos III to Alfonso XIII, Museo del Prado is considered as the most important museum in Madrid, it is neo-classical building and it was built in 1785. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is the art gallery of Madrid. We can see there a lot of exceptional pieces of art like Picasso’s Guernica and Velázquez’s Las Meninas. 

There are few events that are especially popular in Spain, they happen once a year outside of the major cities. Most popular festivals are La Tomatina (which happens close to Valencia in the town Buñol) and Running of the bulls (is organized in a city called Pamplona).

In a few words about La Tomatina – it is a festival where you can throw tomatoes on other people. The city center is filled with cars and carts which contain tomatoes, you are free to take as much as you want and throw to other persons. I would say it is very interesting to see, but would not participate because you can actually get serious wounds. If you get hit in the eye there can be some bigger problems than just a blue eye for a couple of days. 

Running with bulls is even more extreme. The city of Pamplona is closed during the festival, you can’t drive there in a car, because bulls will be released on the streets. When it starts a lot of people get on the streets to try to run from the running bulls. It is more dangerous than La Tomatina because the bull can actually kill you. Bulls have quite sharp horns which can harm your arms or body. But if we are just viewers in a safe place – why not? It is a great show from the history of Spain and it is a must-see attraction.

Ok… so… we have done the most important stuff, but what’s missing? Yeah… Girls. 

Spain is a huge mix of different people from all around the world this includes girls. There isn’t any special law that regulates prostitution in Spain, but for example, pimping is forbidden. If I have to divide girls to meet for sex in Spain I would say there are two kinds, girls that work daily to escort some men and girls who are working time to time (students). There are a lot of Brazilian girls that work daily. The average age is 20-25 years old. If we talk about the students they are of course younger 18-22, they can come from any European country, but generally, they come from Italy or Germany. So, who should it be? Experienced Brazilan and nice and tiny student from Italy? Definitely, it is up to you.

There are no official brothels in Spain, most of them are masked as striptease clubs where you can get to meet some girls as well whom you can take with you to your hotel room. Same as in other countries there are low-class girls and high-class girls. The low class will cost around 50 euros, you will get 15 minutes quickie (cum and go). If you want a bit more in terms of time or attitude you should search for a premium girl which will come to your hotel for around 150-250 euros per hour. You can, of course, neogate price and what you expect before the meeting. I would definitely inform the girl about my expectations, what kind of lingerie I want, how many times I would like to enjoy her etc. If you search a while you can find some exotic girls – Chinese and black ones are there as well. They are considered as premium girls. Spain is also full of porno stars, you can call-in around 20 different active porno starts which will cost you around 1000 Euros for a few hours. 

I will list some known places where you can go and find a girl of your choice, but anyway, I would recommend choosing a call-in option, because it is much safer.

If we talk about the Madrid, there is a club called The Hole (Calle de Atocha, 18), El Templo del Placer (Calle Atocha, 125), Utopía Madrid (Calle Agastia, 115). Barcelona – Apricots Barcelona Camp Center (Còrsega 252A, 08008) their slogan is interesting – take away sluts, Felina BCN (Can Bruixa 42, Barcelona), Maison Close (Passeig de Gràcia, 123 Barcelona). Valencia – Amor Secreto (Calle Dr Lluch No. 31), Angels Valencia (Gran Via del Marques del Turia No. 78), Models (Av. de l’Institut Obrer Valencià, 16).

Cheese and Tulips… Is this what to expect in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a beautiful country in Northwestern Europe. There are three official languages in the Netherlands – West Frisian, Papiamento and English. Most of the people who live there are not religious (51 % are irreligion), but those who are religious mostly are Christians (39%). Most of the people living there are native inhabitants (77,39 %), others are just a small fraction from different countries. The Netherlands borders only two countries – Germany and Belgium, from the other side it is located next to the sea (North Sea). The country is in 131st place based on its size in the world. It is 41,543 km2 (16,040 sq. mi) big from which water (rivers etc.) takes 18.41 %.

The Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, North Brabant, North Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland, South Holland. Largest cities are Assen, Almere, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Groningen, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Enschede, Utrecht, Terneuzen, Rotterdam.

In spite, that the country is quite a small economy of the Netherlands is very strong. Based on their GDB they are in 17th position in the world. Their total nominal GDP is $933 billion, but per capita, $54 129 and their per capita place is even higher – 13th place in the world. Interesting how much in their economy give their three Caribbean islands, Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius. Biggest companies who support its economy are Royal Dutch Shell, ING Group, Aegon, Airbus, LyondellBasell Industries, Royal Ahold, Royal Philips Electronics, Rabobank Group, GasTerra, Heineken Holding. 

Minimal wage is 1595,20 EUR and the average net salary in the Netherlands is 2263 EUR / month, and there are only 3.5% unemployed. Seems like everyone loves to work? Pensions in the Netherlands comes from three sources State, Private and Individual. The pension that you will receive from the State depends on your status – you live alone or you are married. If you are married and you live together each of you will receive 50% of the minimum wage in the Netherlands. If you are single you can receive up to 75% of the minimum wage. Everything more that comes to elder people is from private and/or individual plans which are gained during their life. If we calculate everything together then the average couple during the year receive 40000 EUR, most of them say it is not enough and they say they are poor, but is it actually like that? I think you can have a quite good life if you get this amount of money.

What places/cities are worth visiting in the Netherlands?

Breda is a laidback place next to the border with Belgium. If you would like to see the city which feels like 100 years ago, this would be the place to go. There are plenty of Gothic cathedrals and towers to see. After a nice walk in the city, you can sit in one of the many cafes that is located in the center (old town) of this city. Peace, architecture comes together in this city.

Alkmaar is the finest place to try out different cheese types. Starting from April till September every Friday a huge number of cheese producers come to this town to the market to sell their cheese. You can find here so many different sorts of cheese that you can’t do in many other places. Try all of them and if you like to – buy it. Of course, the old town of this city is also great, but in this case, Cheese comes first.

Nijmegen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. A lot of buildings were destroyed during the Second World War, but what is left is just amazing. There is plenty of building that was reconstructed to their old beauty. This is a very popular city for students, so we can say that new generation comes together with old building in this town and the synergy of this feels like this town truly lives all day and night long. This town can merge two passions of you – to have a great party and to see older buildings. You will not find abandoned structures in the old town.

Leiden… Leiden… The city of tulips. It is located only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, but it feels like a completely different world. The city if full with water canals, but of course don’t compare it to Venice, it is not like that. If we talk about the city it is full of building from the 17th century. The oldest university in the Netherlands is located in this city. This city is really popular because of the tulips. When you drive around the city you will find multiple tulips growing farms. Different colors, the smell of nature, beauty for perfect photo shooting session, this is the reason to come here.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, so it should be the most interesting city to visit in the Netherlands. I could agree with that… Why? Easy to get there – train, plane, car and this city is unlocked. 

Architecture and museums – tons of great museums to visit, for example, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum. If you are seeking to find out more about the past and greatest painters etc., you definitely must visit these places. The old town of Amsterdam gives a unique opportunity to see it from the boats. There are so many canals in Amsterdam. Use the opportunity to get into the boat, relax and see the beauty of this city.

“Legal stuff” – I think we all know that Amsterdam can offer some things that other cities can’t. At least legally. After a good walk in the city center, you can visit one of the weed cafés (coffee shops) that are located all around Amsterdam. Enjoy stuff that is forbidden in many other places, for example, weed (cannabis), truffles (magic mushrooms). But please note that hard drugs are forbidden there as well (such as Ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, etc.). If you get in trouble and police searches your belongings, you are allowed to have Cannabis (max 5 gram), Cocaine (max 0,5 gram), XTC (max 1 pill), Heroin (max 0,5 gram).

Girls – I guess life continues after a few weed breathes, right? Well, this is the perfect way to continue your stay in Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal here, but be aware, that girls under 21 can’t offer such services, so don’t try to find a call girls who is only 18 years old. Not only prostitution is allowed, but brothers are ok in the Netherlands as well. 

Most of the girls are European, but you can find some black girls as well. If you like a bit more exotic girls then Chinese, Japanese can be found as well (but rare). Most of the girls come from Italy, Bosnian, Romania and Ukraine. Girls from poorer countries will be a bit cheaper, girls from ‘old Europe’ countries will be at a higher price. For example, a girl from Romania can cost around 100 EUR, but the girl from Italy can cost around 150 EUR. I would say it is not a huge difference so better choose what you prefer. There a lot of porno movie agencies in Amsterdam so there is a huge change that you can find a pornstar to… have… It will usually cost around 500 EUR for 1 hour, could be worth it? Since Amsterdam is full of girls you will be able to find a girl for any taste. Small tits, big boobs, 45 kg girl, 90 kg girl, basically all you want.

In Amsterdam, most of the girls in their prices include only blowjob and classic sex one time. So, if you want a bit more than that expect to give some extra. It seems like an unwritten law in Amsterdam.

For those who have not been in Amsterdam I can tell for sure, that you should visit the Red Light District, basically is the street dedicated to brothels. During the night you will see girls dancing in the windows. It is a very unusual feeling to see it because you can’t check it out anywhere else. In the place of a fake mannequin, a real girl will dance and invite you in the brothel. Of course, girls in the brothels will be little lower class than call girls, but the choice is yours. In brothels, you can get minimal service (blow and sex) for 50 euros (duration 15-20 minutes – be fast or go home with full balls ) 

If you are looking for the red-light district go to the “De Wallen”, almost on every street you will find a brother there. Some of the most popular brothels are Red Light Secrets (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h, Amsterdam), Red Light Bar (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 61, Amsterdam), Winston Kingdom Club (Warmoesstraat 131, Amsterdam). There is actually the Prostitution Information Center (PIC), so if you have any questions you can ask there for more info (Enge Kerksteeg 3, Amsterdam).

If you had enough with the girls you can visit some interesting places in the red-light district as well. Here are some good choices. Old Church (Oude Kerk) is the oldest Church in Amsterdam (15th Century). Condomerie Gulden Vlies is a very interesting place, you can find there a lot of information about the condoms, you can even buy there some before you to for the girls  Casa Rosso is one of the most famous sex theatres. If you would like to look into sex history in Amsterdam I would suggest visiting the Sex Museum Amsterdam. You will see there a lot of sexual artifacts from the past.

Of course, Amsterdam is not the only place where you can find some girls. If you are in the Rotterdam there are plenty of places as well. For example, Crystal Rive (Wolphaertsbocht 323B), there are happy hours when you can spend an hour with a girl just for 95 EUR. You will get a private room and girl of your choice. Another place is Privehuis Lust (Lange Hilleweg 190-A), prices start at 50 EUR (for a quickie – 15 minutes, if you can manage to be so quick). 

If you are looking for a strip club here are some possible place you could visit. Club OQ Gravendijkwal 115. You will be able to get into the club for 25 EUR and you will get three drinks for that. Everything else is an additional cost. Nightclub Lido, Gravendijkwal 124. A little bit cheaper than the previous club, you can get the same here for 20 EUR, but same as there. Any additional services will be an additional charge.

Prost and the beer goes down.

Germans are prominent celebration specialists. They like to have fun, party and then to have a good rest. Of course, the most popular festival in Germany is Octoberfest (Oktoberfest). Since Germans drink a lot of beer, they need some snacks as well. Germany is very popular with their bread (they have bread making traditions which go far in German history) & sausages (called Wurts in Germany is an essential part of German cuisine). Germany is crowded with Palaces & Castles. Also, there are quite a lot of wellness and beauty hotels (more than 1000), health resorts and spas (more than 350). I think this will not be a surprise; football is very popular in Germany as well (Prost and goal, seems like a right combination, don’t you think?).

So… We all should know some basic facts about Germany before we visit them.

Is Germany actually Germany? No. Correctly it would be: the Federal Republic of Germany, and it is located in Central and Western Europe.

Germans have borders with nine other countries:

  • Denmark;
  • Poland;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Austria;
  • Switzerland;
  • France;
  • Luxemburg;
  • Belgium;
  • The Netherlands.

Germany consists of 16 constituent states (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, North Rhine – Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony – Anhalt, Schleswig – Holstein, Thuringia) and it covers 357,386 square kilometers. Germany has 83 million people living there, in Europe only Russia has more than that. So, Germany can be considered as the most populated country in the European Union. 

The minimum wage in Germany is 1498 EUR per month or 8.84 EUR per hour. An average salary in Germany is almost two times bigger – 3771 EUR, but there a huge difference in the average wage for men and women. Average for men is 3964 EUR, but for women 3330 EUR, this is quite a significant pay gap.

There is a huge gap between basic workers and the wealthiest ones. Workers income taxes are much bigger than taxes for investors. Most of the people who work hard barely can live, they have enough money to live today, but they can’t put any money for their retirement or savings, so they will have to live only on the pension that Germany will pay. It is a considerable risk of poverty. The average pension in Germany is only 700 EUR, for the woman it can be up to two times less.

GDP of Germany is $4.029 trillion (2018), and GDP per capita is $48,669 (2018), so this places Germany in quite a high position, they are ranked in 17th position in GDP per capita rank.

In spite Germany is considered to be a wealthy country, there are a lot of problems for basic workers, especially if you are a woman, your risk to become poor is very high.

What cities is it worth to visit in Germany and why?

Most popular cities are: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. History, war and nowadays come together in Berlin. One of the most popular shows in Berlin is the Film Festival. It is the most glamorous and commerce event in Germany. All mass media pay attention to this event. If you like music better thank movies, then you will enjoy the music festival Lollapalooza, which is happening every year each 8 and 9 September. If this not enough, there are plenty of places and events why you will love Berlin, for example, Berlinale of course, Karneval der Kulturen, Fête de la Musique, Long Night of the Museums. There are plenty of historic structures in the Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, The Rebuilt Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace and Park, The Gendarmenmarkt.

Dusseldorf is a contemporary city for different conferences (hearth of the conferences), there are plenty of halls, to fulfill the needs of big business events, one of the most popular events is GamesCom which presents news in the gaming industry. We can’t forget about history as well. There are plenty of great places to visit: the Embankment Promenade, Schloss Benrath, Old Town, North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection, Kaiserswerth.

Heart of the Frankfurt if Old Town (Altstadt). Most of the building is from 15th to 18th century, of course, they are reconstructed, but according to their old floorplans. Some other nice places to visit are The Palm Garden, Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Kleine Markthalle, The Hauptwache

Hamburg is located next to the river Elbe. There are a lot of outdoor activity possibilities. You can even have fun at the beach. The most important attractions in the city:  Speicherstadt, promenade by the Landungsbrücken, Kunsthalle, the futuristic HafenCity. But there is more to it – nightlife in Hamburg is very saturated. Clubs, shows, girls, all you dream of.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and it is located next to the Alps. Its trademark is “beer gardens,” which is very popular during the Octoberfest. The oldest tent in this festival is located here, and it is known as the Schottenhamel Tent. In Munich you can find a lot of remarks from the past, most of the buildings are located near Marienplatz which is the central square of Munich.

Stuttgart is the place where all the magic happens in terms of production in Germany. Why? All major companies have their factories and museums — for example, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz. But of course, there a plenty of places to visit besides these, like, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, The sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg Hill, Zoological and Botanic garden, The Collegiate Church. 

So, what we can understand from all this about Germany? They are living quite active and diverse. You start your day by drinking beer and finish by a wild ride in the spa attractions or have a romantic walk in one of the greatest cities mentioned above, then visit a conference or have a great meal in a restaurant Germany offers. All of this can happen right now and here.

There is one more vital chapter to talk about, naught one. So, let’s talk about prostitution in Germany.

First of all – is it legal in Germany? Don’t worry, it is. It is legal to sell and buy sex and girls pay taxes for their income. Brothels are legal as well, but procuring is illegal. If you are going to have sex with a hooker in Germany condoms are mandatory (actually required by law). 

Most of the escort girls are located in Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and it makes sense because these are the biggest cities in Germany.

In 2001 approved prostitution law, but it was legal in Germany decades anyway, even in 1800 local police had internal regulations about call girls, meaning – they are ok to work. It was officially decriminalized in 1927 (Law for Combating Venereal Diseases). But there is one catch with this law. Statistics say that only 44 girls have registered as prostitutes to pay taxes for their pension, so all other girls after a few years will be in a high risk of poverty. The exact total number of call girls is unknown, but the estimate is that Germans have 400 000 till 1 000 000 call girls.

There are some areas where brothels are forbidden, but you can go to the apartments where girls are located, to visit a girl in her apartment is allowed anywhere, or you can call her to your hotel which is better.

Don’t forget that even if this is decriminalized, you must think about your safety all well, criminal entities run most of the brothels. 

Let’s say we are in Berlin and we want to find a hooker. What’s next?

There are various ways to find a girl, but I would say that web search is the best way to do it. There are plenty of ads on cars etc., but you will not see how the girl will look like, it is a significant risk for me because I don’t want to wait and see the girl that looks like… Thanks, you can go, take some surgeries and then come back.

When you search for girls, you will find that most of them are at the age of 20-28, mostly Europeans. There are some Russian girls and African girls as well, but it depends on the city where you will search for them. In terms of body features, the choice is quite good. Short ones – plenty. Long ones – plenty. Most of the girls will have lovely B or C boobs, but if you prefer smaller or bigger, you can find that will suit your needs. I would choose a girl to come to the hotel, which is much safer for everyone. 

Take a good look on their pictures, most of the sites where you can find girls have different tags, like VIP or verified, filter out those girls because unverified girls will definitely have fake photos and you will be disappointed. I would say that a reasonable price for a girl is 180 EUR for an hour + taxi. Prices can go up if you want to check her ass, you know what I mean, don’t you? But it all depends on your desires. When she comes to your hotel don’t forget to leave the money where the girl can see and take it, don’t make her uncomfortable. She will take the money and go in the bathroom to change her dress if you have not ordered any unique costume to wear expect that she will be in sexy lingerie. Then the time is yours… Make the most out of it, as you like, but it would be good if you notified the girl before your meeting what do you expect, so she is not surprised that you want her one more time, but she has only one condom. 

So have fun, choose wisely and cum hard 🙂

If you would like to go out, there are plenty of brothels in the city. We can’t guarantee that they are good, but here are some that we have found with excellent reviews. 

One of the most popular brothers in Berlin is FKK Artemis Saunaclub. Halenseestr. 32 – 36. There is an entrance fee for what you can get basic shows, non-alcoholic drinks. You will have to make a deal with girls one by one after you are in the bar. There are bars, saunas, movie rooms, private rooms. 

Another is the Orchid Men’s Club, Clayallee 352. In this club entry is free, but of course, girls are not. If you like the girl, make a deal with her in the club. You can go to the private room there with her.

Berlin Dreamgirls is one of the hottest stripers in Berlin. Clubs address is Chemnitzer Str. 11. There are multiple choices in this strip bar. Check out basic shows… Private show… Or… take a party bus and call-in stripper girl to there. 

There are bit fewer opportunities in Dusseldorf, but still, here is one club that could be good. LivinRoom Sauna club. August-Thyssen-Str. 4. There is an entrance fee of 60 EUR. You will get non-alcoholic drinks and basic show. There will be plenty of girls with whom you can make a deal. 

There is a sweet spot in Munich as well. It is called Queens. Goethestr. 3. The entrance fee is 10 EUR and plenty of girls waiting for you inside. Strip shows, a glass of wine, private time, multiple girls… all you want.

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